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Good Morning! Again.

Good morning from the woods!  Beautiful morning out.  We’ve discovered this several times this morning.

Our little visitors, Ewok and Molly, were first up at the crack of dawn.  I didn’t appreciate this as I had just gone to bed 5 minutes before the crack of dawn.  I crawled out of bed and staggered to the door to let them out.  I glanced back at Trotz to see if he wanted to go.   Nope, he barely lifted his big head off the bed before plopping it back down and closing his eyes.

Sensing I was less than pleased with their efforts to start my day so early, the little ones took care of their business quickly and ran back inside.  I closed the door and fell back into bed, never fully waking to begin with.

An hour later I wake to warm, moist air blowing in my face.  I didn’t bother to open my eyes.  Trotz.  Perhaps, if I keep my eyes shut and hold still, he will go away.

Nope.  He boinks me on the head with his big nose.  Time to get out of bed.  I blindly reach out and grab fur, pull myself into a sitting position, then open my eyes.  He is grinning at me.  “I really hate you buddy”, I tell him flatly.  His mouth falls open, his tongue lolls out, his tail thumps.  He is laughing at me.

Sigh.  I ram my bare feet into my boots, head for the door.  Hook him to the long lead and take him out to potty.  He looks for deer, he looks for wild pigs, he looks for grasshoppers.

“GO Potty”, I order.  He gets the message and takes care of business.  Best command ever.

We head back into the cabin.  I unhook his lead, drop it next to the door and clomp my way back to the bed.  I kick off the boots and flop back into bed…and just lay there with my eyes closed.  For a long time.  If I just hold still, sleep won’t have to work so hard to find me again, I lie to myself.

Several minutes pass.  There is frantic movement on the bed.  I crack one eye open.  A silent, furious puppy smack down is occurring next to me.  The two little ones are fighting with Trotz’s face.

Sigh.  Morning is here and it’s not going away.

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