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Some days are diamonds….

Well, some days are diamonds and some days are dirt.

Trotz did the big no-no yesterday while working off leash.  Right in the middle of a  command, he scented a deer and was gone.  Fifteen minutes later, he was at the door, looking ashamed.

I’m at a loss.  Disappointed.  All that work and still he will ignore a command to go chase.  I haven’t found anything to stop this behavior, he just isn’t engaging with me.  I want to shave him bald and toss him into a pen of poodles.  I want to trade him in on a golden retriever named Fred.  Fred who will always listen, never run into the woods, and is always smiling.

So training today has been a little, well, sucky.  I gave it up, and went to take care of the plants.  If it’s not fun, it’s best to give it a few hours and try again.

Meanwhile, I’m working up the cost for fencing in a training area for us.  Has to be big enough that he can bolt, small enough I can catch him to make the corrections.  Perhaps just sending him off to military school would be best, lol.

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