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Life happens!

Finally, able to write again!

While working on my tiny cabin in the woods, I popped a tendon in my hand, my left hand…I am left handed.


Did I do this in some fantastic manner?  Nope.  I was stapling a piece of insulation up in the loft, the staple gun jerked in my hand and the handle hit a weak spot.  Just a little thing to do so much damage.

But that is life.

The smallest things can really mess your whole day, or in this case, month, up.  Adding a bit more pain to an already formidable list of other pains.

It is easy to let this set you back a bit.  Routines are out of whack, you can’t do some of the things you need to get done, some that you really just want to do, and over a few days, things start to slide.

Training Trotz on the new harness became difficult.  He is trained for left side support and my left hand couldn’t grip the lead.  He knows what he is supposed to do, but asking him to do it with a guiding hand or gesture was not an option.

Adjust.  Adjust yourself and your training routine.  In our case, I started teaching Trotz that hand signals were the same, right handed or left.  I started working with him from both sides, showing him a new gesture indicating which side I wanted him to work from.

When training was not a good idea, pain causes high blood pressure spikes, we spent long moments maintaining our bond.  Pet, cuddle, hug, focus, eye contact.  Keep the bond open and strong, even when all you want to do is shut everyone and everything out, maybe sleep the day away, keep your dog close.  Keep your dog involved with you through the injury.

Life happens.

Your service dog can help you handle it when it does.

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