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It’s my birthday!

I’m 51 years old today.

How awesome is that?

I’ve made it past another year and am so very lucky.

There are so many people and things that have made the last year pretty great.  As always, my Auntie Deb has been right there giving me great advice, bailing me out of trouble, and spoiling me (and Trotz) rotten.

Omaha Steaks has sponsored my birthday dinner tonight!  They kindly gifted us with their very best steaks for the occasion and I saved back a couple of caramel apple tarts from the gift box Mom sent last month.  If you haven’t heard me rave about them before, they can make your life a very happy place!  Thanks to both Mom and Omaha steaks for such a fabulous gift.

BrilliantK9 got me out of bed this morning.  Trotz brought his harness with him to wake me up and it is so very easy to use, even my “morning” hands can slip it on him.  With a happy grin, Trotz pulled me up and out of bed.  Thank you Teri and the ladies at BrilliantK9 for a wonderfully made and very useful mobility harness.  I’m more than a little in love with your speed buckles.

Molly Harper’s new book is out today.  As most of you know, I listen to audio books and cannot wait to get started on this one!  I love her snark and sense of humor.  If you haven’t read her stuff,  it’s totally worth the listen.  Here is a link to order the new one, but really, just go read them all, there are few books that will make you laugh out loud, literally.

“Molly Harper’s ACCIDENTAL SIRE is available today! ACCIDENTAL SIRE features Ben, Gigi’s ex-boyfriend, courting his lady love, Meagan, even after she gets taken down by the most bizarre Ultimate Frisbee accident in history. Meagan and Ben are moved to Half-Moon Hollow to be fostered by Jane Jameson, who is suffering from major empty nest syndrome now that Jamie has moved away to college. They live in River Oaks, work for the Council office and are very, very closely supervised at all times. But as they adjust to their new vampire powers, Ben and Meagan discover that they aren’t “normal” vampires, which is exciting and dangerous all at once. Between office politics, relationship hijinks and scientists that want to turn them into lab projects, Half-Moon Hollow is just as quiet and quaint as ever – which is not at all.”
Order links can be found here!…/

Another huge win today in the authors I follow is Charlaine Harris.  Her Midnight Texas books are pretty great and NBC is airing the made for TV, first episode tonight at 9pm.  So I will be watching as I eat my steak and tart tonight, though the shows are never as good as her books, I’m sure I will enjoy the time.  She has several series of books, but I will be forever an “Aurora Teagarden” fan.

This afternoon, with a book playing in my earbuds, Trotz and I will tend the raised beds, take a slow walk around the woods, then sit quietly on the porch and watch the storms roll through.  No huge, or not so huge, project.  No real chores.  Hopefully, no unexpected surprises involving emergency first aid, because, you know, life happens.

In the peace of this place and the day, I will think of everyone over the last year that has made our lives out here just a little happier, a little easier.  Thank you.  Sincerely.

And please, send cake.

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