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Well, I’m in trouble now!

Went to bed early, for me, last night in order to get up and enjoy the cooler day.

Well there was something I was going to do early this morning, outside, but I’ve forgotten what it is, so , there is that.

I scramble out of bed, Trotz right there to give me the balance that I need, put the coffee on, and shove my feet into my battered hiking boots.

Dirty coffee cup in hand, I open the cabin door to head to the bathroom, the ground is wet.

Huh, must have rained in the last hour or so.  Good, we need it.

Miss Molly takes off for the grass across the drive, Trotz dances around me as we head around back.  I set my cup on the table, bend over, balancing on his shoulders, snatch up the clip and hook it to his collar.  Once I straighten up, he is off!  Happily pouncing through the long grass, looking for his rabbits.

I smile as I watch him, pick up my cup, climb the step onto the deck, and go into the bathroom.

It’s not the same as I left it.  Sigh.

My daughter is staying at the cabin while she heals from a car accident, so things get shuffled around.  I rearrange things, fill the filtering pitcher with water, then wash out my cup and set it to drain.

Just as I’m starting to brush my teeth, Miss Molly barks.  Once.  Loud.

Uncle Bob must be coming over to do his laundry early this morning.

I rush through brushing teeth and washing face.  Stop to refill the water jug.  Get my cup and head out….into a hard rain.

Miss Molly pokes her head out from under a tarp and glares at me, then makes the dash around the front and into the cabin.

Trotz, however, is still on his lead.

In the rain.

“OMG, sorry buddy!”  I exclaim as I quickly release him.

He just ducks his head and bolts for the cabin.

I hurry around to the front, clutching my cup, get to the front steps where Trotz is waiting.

Is he waiting to make sure I get up the steps ok?


He waits until I’m in range and shakes, ensuring that I am now as wet as he is.  Then he reaches up, smacks the door open, and stalks inside.

I scramble up the steps, thankful my cup is still clean, trying to wipe Trotz rain off my glasses.  The rain is running off the cabin roof and down my back.

I walk into the cabin to find both Trotz and Miss Molly drying off, on my comforter.

Yeah, I deserved that.

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