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BrilliantK9 Harness

Trotz received his first BrilliantK9 harness in the mail yesterday!  We are so excited to give it a go.  There is a specialized harness on it’s way from my new friends at BrilliantK9, but they sent this one first. So, here it is.  The BrilliantK9 Service Dog Harness, size XLarge, […]

Bath days!

Sigh. Trotz is a big boy and giving him a bath is a big job!  It can also be an expensive job. He has allergies, sensitive to the grass and mold out here in NE Texas.  I can’t tell you how many shampoos I’ve bought, tried, discarded.  They aren’t cheap.  […]

Omaha Steaks

Trotz is throwing his dish around, he has made several approaches. Drop it loudly to the floor, gently lay it in my lap, scoot it across the floor with his tongue. He is currently looking at me, mournfully, bowl at his feet. “I know buddy,” I tell him, “but it’s […]