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Coming back…at last!

Well, folks…I’m almost back! It is such a relief to have both hands working again.  It’s four weeks post-op and I am healing amazingly well. Trotz is happy to be back at work also. We are home from a trip to Georgia so many posts are about to come up…so […]

Still the weekend?

One of the worst things about not having a job is not keeping up with time very well.  When you have a job, you value your “weekend” or days off, on Friday you know that tomorrow is Saturday, on Sunday, you know you go back to work the next day.  […]

Lying to myself is working

There are just some days that I just don’t want to do anything at all.  I don’t want to work on the deck.  I don’t want to repot a plant, work in the garden, trim the “lawn”, put up a piece of drywall, pick up trash, clean the cabin, or […]

BrilliantK9 Harness

Trotz received his first BrilliantK9 harness in the mail yesterday!  We are so excited to give it a go.  There is a specialized harness on it’s way from my new friends at BrilliantK9, but they sent this one first. So, here it is.  The BrilliantK9 Service Dog Harness, size XLarge, […]

Some days are diamonds….

Well, some days are diamonds and some days are dirt. Trotz did the big no-no yesterday while working off leash.  Right in the middle of a  command, he scented a deer and was gone.  Fifteen minutes later, he was at the door, looking ashamed. I’m at a loss.  Disappointed.  All that […]

Meeting the litter…

After what could have been considered the worst week of my life, stress was mounting.  I didn’t think I could take one more thing. The work on the property was slowly moving along.  As we were able to find money, we would put it into getting the property ready to […]

Bath days!

Sigh. Trotz is a big boy and giving him a bath is a big job!  It can also be an expensive job. He has allergies, sensitive to the grass and mold out here in NE Texas.  I can’t tell you how many shampoos I’ve bought, tried, discarded.  They aren’t cheap.  […]

Good Morning! Again.

Good morning from the woods!  Beautiful morning out.  We’ve discovered this several times this morning. Our little visitors, Ewok and Molly, were first up at the crack of dawn.  I didn’t appreciate this as I had just gone to bed 5 minutes before the crack of dawn.  I crawled out […]