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Hey, we’ve all been there!

We see an ad for a product on late night TV or Facebook and wonder, “Would that really work?”  So we order it, wait for the delivery, and it turns out to be the best thing EVER or a cheap piece of crap that we will never use.

Or, maybe you are using a product but found a way to amp it up or adjust it in a way that makes it perfect for your needs.

Every time I’m in a group of people, whether it’s dog people or a family gathering,  someone will mention something they just bought, where they bought it, whether or not it worked as planned, what they did with it, how they made their own version of it, what is the best, what is the worst.

With service dogs, it’s upped a bit.  Where they went and were welcomed, how they were treated, how their dogs were treated, where they were refused service, what excuses were used to deny access, what they experienced.  Training programs, trainers, equipment, food, treats, and so on.

So take a moment and scroll down to categories, click on product reviews to see what Trotz and I are trying, how well it turned out!


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